Hello and Welcome!

My name is Emily Cerezo and I have an insatiable intellectual curiosity. It isn’t enough for me to know what an organization does. I like learning everything about it. I like being able to see what challenges it faces based on where it wants to go and what it wants to do. I get excited about connecting the various pieces and bridging the gaps so goals are accomplished.

My international upbringing gives me an edge in today’s more globalized society. I have lived abroad for 10 years, visited 24 countries to date and am eager to explore more. I have traveled extensively throughout Western and Eastern European countries, the Middle East, and Japan. I enjoy traveling because I prefer learning about people from their own cultural perspectives. Machines may be even more integrated into our lives, yet people continue to ultimately make the decisions.

My skills and ability to adapt to different cultures have allowed me to pinpoint potential and existing challenges organization faces both locally and internationally. This awareness has allowed me to plan, assess, and present possible solutions that positively impact them.


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